About Nº106

Dear fashionistas and fashion-conscious gentlemen, welcome to Nº106, where creativity and craftsmanship come together to create the most stunning designer t-shirts you've ever seen. We are Claudia Träumer of Handmade Design CLAU-D and Vincent Welten of No106, and we are joining forces to introduce a unique t-shirt line for women and men that is unparalleled in style, creativity and craftsmanship.

One of a kind  designer t-shirts

At Creative atelier Nº106 by CLAU-D and No106, located in the bustling Modekwartier at Sonsbeeksingel 106 in Arnhem, we use organic Earth Positive cotton to craft unique and exclusive t-shirts for men and women. Each piece is a one of a kind and no more than 10 shirts of the same theme are ever made by adding other details each shirt is unique! How special is this! You are guaranteed to have a truly unique item in your hands. We believe in cherishing individuality and each of our t-shirts is artfully crafted by hand, with eye-catching and colourful appliques and artistic designs that tell a story.

T-shirts with graphic prints

Make a statement with one of our graphic t-shirts and make a statement with our creativity!
This unique graphic t-shirts from the No°106 brand is a true expression of art on textile.  With the limited edition, this shirt guarantees exclusivity and originality. 
Made from high-quality OEKO-TEX certified cotton, you are not only wearing a beautifully designed garment, but also contributing to a sustainable fashion industry.

T-shirt with print produced  in Arnhem

Our collection also includes a variety of all-over prints which are produced in the studio of CLAU-D and No106. The designs range from colourful paint splashes and abstract shapes to playful beer cap motifs and even avocados. Each piece tells its own story and contributes to your unique style. Whether you are a fan of bold prints, subtle designs or something in between, at Nº106 you are sure to find the perfect t-shirt to express your personality.

With only 10 pieces available of each design, owning a Nº106 t-shirt is a true statement of individuality. Our t-shirts are not just garments, but true works of art made to stand out and be seen. This is your chance to add an exclusive piece of Arnhem creativity to your wardrobe.

So be quick, because gone is gone. With a No106 t-shirt, you are assured of an original and striking look, which you can combine with your favourite jeans, skirt or jacket. Order your t-shirt online now or drop by the studio in Arnhem, where you can admire and try on the collection. No106 is more than a t-shirt, it's a work of art that you wear.

See you at the shop in Arnhem
Sonsbeeksingel 106
6822BJ Arnhem

With colourful greetings,
Claudia Träumer and Vincent Welten