One of a kind designer shirt van Nº106

A "one of a kind" t-shirt or jumpers from Nº106 refers to a unique garment that exists in only one copy, or a variation thereof.  
A shirt, which is not replicated or produced in any other way. 
Specially made to stand out from all other similar products on the market. 
It can be characterised by its exclusive design, choice of materials, patterns or decorative elements that set it apart from other standard shirts. 
A "one of a kind" t-shirt have been artfully crafted in the Modekwartier in Arnhem in a limited edition, making it a unique and special item. Wearing a "one of a kind" t-shirt or jumper can be a way to express personality, individual style and flair.

Studio №106

№106's one of a kind designer t-shirts are designed by renowned designers Claudia Träumer of CLAU-D Handmade design and Vincent Welten of No106. 
The one of a kind t-shirts are handmade by Claudia, Vincent and a team of creative collaborators at studio №106 on Sonsbeeksingel in Arnhem. 
They are true works of art to wear, with colourful abstract prints and beautiful treatments of the fabrics that stand out.

Order a unique 'designer shirt

If you would like to order a 'one of a kind' designer t-shirt, you will never get the same one as shown in the picture. 
We always try to make the shirt unique by adding other details. 
Also, we never make more than 10 shirts with the same theme! How special is this!

Order your size as Made to Order and we will start working for you.
Delivery time up to 2 weeks.