Designer t-shirt

Embrace the designer t shirts from No106

The designer t-shirt by brand Nº106 is a unique and colourful garment, handmade in the Modekwartier in Arnhem.
Elevate your outfit in style with the Noº106 designer t-shirt. A unique statement of creativity and art.


Unisex designer t shirt

The unisex t shirts are made from high-quality organic cotton materials that are not only soft and comfortable to wear, but also sustainably and eco-friendly produced. A t shirt features a beautiful print designed exclusively for the No 106 brand and is released in a limited edition. This ensures you have a unique and exclusive garment that is handcrafted and not everyone has. Some prints are one of a kind. 
The Designer men's shirt by №106 is a stylish and modern interpretation of the t-shirt. It is perfect for men and women who are looking for fashion with its own personality and want to wear something unique.
Each designer shirt has a story, which suits the man or woman who dares to stand out from the crowd. Experience the unique look of No 106's Designer T-shirt and add this unique garment to your wardrobe.

Art and creativity

Designed with an eye for art and creativity, N°106 designer t-shirts are a true expression of individuality and style. These unique shirts are handcrafted by talented Arnhem-based designers from the fashion district, who have pushed their boundaries to create a design that stands out unmistakably.
With a harmonious mix of different materials and techniques, these t-shirts exude a sense of artistic artwork. Every detail, is freehand designed into wearable art and make for striking new fashion.
These designer t shirts are not just a fashion item, but a true art form that expresses your personality and sense of style. Feel confident and make a statement with the N°106 Design T-shirt, which offers you both comfort and expressiveness.

All design t-shirts are one of a kind

All unique design t-shirts are a true work of art that is sure to stand out at any festival. The shirts are created using various mixed media techniques such as textile paint with strong pigments, shaping, embroidery and appliqué. The design was created by studio №106 and has been applied to the t-shirt using the highest quality printing, dyeing and appliqué technique.
The colourful designs are made on 100% cotton, ensuring a comfortable and durable fit.
The one of a kind t-shirt is handcrafted in Arnhem and each one is therefore unique. It is a perfect blend of creativity, art and fashion that is a real eye-catcher for men. It is a t-shirt with a story and will serve as an eye-catcher in any wardrobe. 
Shop this wearable art t-shirt online now and discover this artistic and stylish addition to your collection.

Modern art with the N°106 designer t-shirts

Step into the world of modern art with the N°106 Design t-shirts with an explosion of colour and creativity that will take your style to new heights. With vibrant and bold designs, these t-shirts are the perfect expression of individuality and self-expression.
Each N°106 designer t-shirt is unique and specially crafted for a select group of people who understand the art and are open to wearing it. With handcrafted details and a carefully curated colour palette, these t-shirts are made to meet the highest aesthetic standards.
Designed as an ode to festivals and creative expression, these t-shirts are like a canvas on which your personality and passion come to life. Each design in this limited edition collection has been carefully crafted to create unique looks and set you apart from the crowd.
So be bold, be unique and embrace the power of modern art with the N°106 Design shirts, a must-have for those who experience life as a colourful festival.