Ocean Wave

Designer t-shirt 'Ocean Wave' is designed by Nº106 with the eye for art, detail and lets you enjoy an exclusive experience. With its striking wave pattern and high-quality artistic treatments, this designer shirt is an absolute must-have for fashion lovers.

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Ocean Wave designer t-shirt

Literally ride the wave of art and sustainability with the 'Ocean Wave' designer t-shirt. This unique wearable art t-shirt is made of organic cotton and features a beautiful application of an artwork, crafted in Arnhem. The no106 brand stands for art, quality, style and originality. Order now the t shirt with colourful abstract edits and print that stand out and attract attention.

No106 one of a kind designer t-shirt

The shirts were created using various mixed media techniques such as textile paint with strong pigments, printing techniques and appliqué. The design was created by studio №106 and applied to the t-shirt using the highest quality printing, dyeing and appliqué technique.
The colourful design are made on 100% organic cotton and ensures a comfortable and durable reugar fit.
This one of a kind t-shirt "ocean wave" has been handcrafted, making it unique and special. It is a perfect blend of creativity, craft and wearable art that is a real eye-catcher for men.

Artistic flair

The beautiful designer t-shirt, named 'Ocean Wave' by the No106 brand, exudes both artistic flair and style. The shirt is made of organic cotton and handcrafted in Arnhem, making each one unique. The blue colour captures the soothing beauty of the ocean, and the added artistic appliqué makes it a true work of art. This eye-catching shirt is sure to attract attention and make a statement in any outfit. Wear it with confidence and be ready to receive admiring glances. Pair it with a minimalist look to make the shirt really shine. With this garment, you will not only exude style, but also your love for unique, artisanal works of art.

Additional Information

Denim Blue

100% Cotton
Organic cotton certified
Earth positive

This is a regular fit. The product falls straight to the side of your body.

Product type
Handmade Fashion Quarter Arnhem

Handmade Modekwartier Arnhem

Washing instructions

Wash inside out 
Fine wash.
Wash at 30°C.
Do not bleach.
Tumble dry on light cycle.
Ironing up to 150°C.
Hang dry.

Size chart

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On demand

If you would like to order a 'one of a kind' designer t-shirt, you will never get the same one as in the picture. 
We always try to make the shirt unique by adding other details. 
Also, we never make more than 10 shirts with the same theme! How special is this!
Order your size as 'On order' and we will get to work for you.
Delivery time maximum 2 weeks.

We look forward to getting to work for you and creating a beautiful personalised t-shirt.

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