T-shirt with hand

Graphic T-shirt featuring a unique red hand print in an orange circle. Made from organic cotton, it has a regular fit and comes in a stylish dark charcoal colour. Perfect for those looking for an exclusive statement piece with a sustainable twist. Limited Edition 25 pieces

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Within 1 or 3 working days

Men's printed T-shirt

Step into the world of exclusive fashion with our limited edition Earth T-shirt featuring a unique red handprint in a warm orange circle. Each of only 25 pieces is made from high-quality, organic Earth Positive cotton and exudes exclusivity and specialness. The dark charcoal colour gives the T-shirt a sophisticated look, while the fine regular fit ensures ultimate comfort. This unique hand-printed garment is made in Arnhem's creative heart, in the fashion district at CLAU-D and No106 atelier N°106, giving it an unmistakable connection to the city's thriving artistic scene. Add a touch of exclusivity to your wardrobe while supporting the sustainable fashion movement with this unique, hand-printed T-shirt.

Additional Information

Dark Chacoal (charcoal)

100% Cotton
Organic cotton certified
Earth Positive

This is a regular fit. The product falls straight to the side of your body.

Product type
Handmade Fashion Quarter Arnhem

Washing instructions
  • Wash inside out 
  • Fine laundry.
  • Wash at 30°C.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Tumble dry on light programme.
  • Iron to 150°C.
  • Hang drying.
Size chart

On demand

If you would like to order a Graphic t-shirt, you will never get the same one as shown in the picture. 
We always try to make the shirt unique by adding other details. 
We also never make more than 25 shirts with the same theme! How special is this!
Order your size if it is no longer on the site as 'On order' and we will get to work for you.
Delivery time up to 1 week.

We look forward to getting to work for you and creating a beautiful personalised t-shirt.

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