Art t-shirt

Art t shirt for artistic flair

Unique Art Shirt by No106 for men, is a true eye-catcher that strikes the perfect balance between artistic flair and comfortable style. These exclusive one-of-a-kind t-shirts are handcrafted at Atelier Nº106. Each one is a true work of art in itself.


Unique one-of-a-kind art t shirt

An Art t-shirt for men by No106, with various treatments such as paint, appliques and various printing techniques make this shirt a true work of art. From Abstract paintings with portraits of Egon Schiele or Vincent van Gogh, to oceans of colour in a Wave. Art on canvas, not on linen but on cotton of a t shirt.
An art t shirt for people who like to wear a unique one-of-a-kind of which only one exists. The shirt adds a unique artistic touch to any look. This exclusivity of unique creation is created in Nº106's Arnhem atelier.

T-shirt with abstract treatments for a festival

A t-shirt with art is a special and original garment that gives your outfit an artistic and contemporary touch. The t-shirt features a beautiful artwork of abstract edits in different colours, creating a harmonious and dynamic whole.
The shirt has a round neckline and short sleeves, and is available in different sizes and different variations on the theme. An art t-shirt is perfect for lovers of art and expression.
Whether you are looking for a unique festival look, an eye-catching outfit for a festive occasion, or simply a sophisticated casual outfit for going to work. Nº106's Art t-shirt for men offers unrivalled versatility. Be inspired by craft and originality and wear a true expression of art with our shirts for men with attention to style.

Sustainable organic t shirts

The t shirts are made of high-quality and sustainable OEKO-TEX cotton from with brand Earth Positive. 
Earth Positive focuses on sustainability and environmental friendliness by using organically grown cotton and eco-friendly production processes. As a result, a T-shirt from Earth Positive not only contributes to a healthier environment, but also offers a comfortable and high-quality fit.
Combined with a fine regular fit with a soft and luxurious feel on the skin, this garment wears wonderfully. 

Exclusive t shirt with character and story

Each shirt is carefully handcrafted, resulting in an exclusive garment that tells its own character and story. This makes the shirt with art the perfect choice for men who want to stand out with a stylish and unique addition to their wardrobe.
Be inspired by craft and originality and wear a true expression of art with our ART t-shirt for men. You are welcome to the world of unique fashion, exclusivity and personal expression - welcome to Atelier Nº106 in Arnhem.