Retro Blue t-shirt

T-shirt with a striking blue all-over retro print. Made from organic viscose with elastane. Make a statement with this stylish handmade t-shirt in Arnhem.

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Unique blue Retro t-shirt

Meet the blue unique No106 Retro Blue t-shirt. A true icon of retro chic. With a stunning all-over pattern of black and light blue squares dancing in blue drops, this t-shirt is an absolute eye-catcher. Made in Arnhem's Modekwartier from luxurious organic viscose with a hint of elastane, it offers a comfortable regular fit fit that embraces every movement. Retro Blue t-shirt is unique and exclusive , with only 10 pieces available in this special collection. The No106 Retro Blue print shirt is a tribute to timeless style and enduring fashion. Let your casual look shine with this striking and unique garment that effortlessly exudes individuality.

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Luxe Viscose / 7% Elastan

Viscose is as soft, shiny and skin-friendly as silk, and hard-wearing, breathable and absorbent as cotton. This is why viscose is often referred to as 'artificial silk'.

This is a Modern-fit. The shirt fits snugly around your body.

Product type
Handmade Fashion Quarter Arnhem

Washing instructions

Wash inside out 
Fine wash.
Wash at 30°C.
Do not bleach.
Tumble dry on light cycle.
Ironing up to 150°C.
Hang dry.

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Made to order

"Made to order" means that t-shirts are specially made to customer order, rather than mass-produced for stock. This may result in a longer delivery time (up to 2 weeks), but allows for a customised product. Without overproduction!

Handmade Fashion Nº106
Nº106 is a sustainable fashion brand that opposes the fast fashion clothing industry. Its founders, fashion designer Claudia Träumer and artist Vincent Welten from Het Modekwartier Arnhem, do everything they can to make their collection as sustainable as possible. "The clothing industry can really change! We have to work towards more slow fashion", say Claudia and Vincent.

Handmade fashion, what exactly is that? Well, it is a way of making fashion where everything is done by hand. From picking the most beautiful and sustainable materials to finally creating a unique garment. It is a joy to see how each piece is made with love and care.

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