t-Shirt 'Herman'

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Men's colourful print 'Herman' t-shirt. This exclusive t-shirt features a vibrant all-over print with colourful paint stains and subtle black thin brushstrokes. With a regular fit and only 2 pieces available, this is a rare showpiece for lovers of unique and enduring fashion! 

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T-shirt with painting print

This t-shirt from No106 is a work of art or a painting in itself. Made in the Modekwartier in Arnhem from sustainable Oeko cotton with elastane, the t-shirt has a regular fit that is comfortable and stylish.
The t-shirt features an all-over print with colourful paint spots, creating a playful and vibrant atmosphere. The black thin brushstrokes add an artistic and elegant touch to the design. This t-shirt is an edition of only 2 pieces, so you have a unique and exclusive t-shirt that no one else has. This t-shirt is perfect to give your outfit a colourful boost. Order your own No106 t-shirt with colourful print now and show your creativity with your new outfit.

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100% Cotton
Organic cotton certified

This is a regular fit. The product falls straight to the side of your body.

Product type
Handmade Fashion Quarter Arnhem

Washing instructions

Wash inside out 
Fine wash.
Wash at 30°C.
Do not bleach.
Tumble dry on light cycle.
Ironing up to 150°C.
Hang dry.

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