Special t shirts for men

No106: Unique, sustainable and artistic t-shirts for men

Looking for a special, original and sustainable t-shirt for men? Discover the unique collection of No106, a local brand that designs and makes t-shirts in the Modekwartier Arnhem. They are highly recommended for ''The man'' looking for an original and special t-shirt!


Artful Workings

Each No106 t-shirt is a work of art in itself. Which also makes the shirt immediately special. They are worked with various dyeing and printing techniques, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that are colourful, eye-catching and unique. These shirts are not only a fashion item, but also an expression of creativity and individuality. They are true works of art that you wear alone, no one else has the same one. All these t-shirts by Nº106 are made in the ModeKwartier Arnhem

Limited edition 

At No106, we believe in exclusivity. That's why all our t-shirts are made in small runs. We buy 12 metres of Oeko-tex cotton or viscose fabric with an eye-catching and cool print for both men and women. From this fabric, we make only 10 t-shirts. This means that when a shirt is sold out, it really runs out. This adds to the unique appeal of our shirts, you know you are one of the few people wearing it.

Printed T-shirts

Our printed T-shirts are particularly eye-catching. With an edition of only 25 pieces, these shirts are truly unique. The print can be graphic shapes & flowers, as well as texts. T-shirts are essential in your wardrobe. You can wear T-shirts on all your undergarments. T-shirts with prints, prints or other processing give an extra twist to your look. The prints are vibrant and colourful, giving you a distinctive look. At a pop dance and other festivals are great events to enjoy live music and the unique atmosphere. T-shirts from Nº106 are not only comfortable to wear during these festivals, but they are also a great way to show your commitment and express yourself.


At No106, we are all about creating unique, high-quality and sustainable fashion. Our exceptional men's t-shirts are a perfect example of this philosophy. More than just clothes, they are a way to express your personality and stand out in the crowd. Discover the world of No106 today!