Our collection of trendy t-shirts for men is designed to give you a comfortable and trendy look. A creative way to express yourself and express your personal style.


Suitable for various occasions

Let's take a look at the unique features that distinguish our trendy t-shirts and why they are the ultimate choice for men looking for something special. Depending on the design and styling, t-shirts can be suitable for different occasions. Whether you are going to a casual party, attending a festival or just having a casual day out, an eye-catching t-shirt from No106 shirt is the right choice.

Casual chic: The perfect everyday style

No106 understands the art of casual chic. Our trendy men's t-shirts are infused with effortless style that is perfect for your everyday adventures. Whether you're heading to work, meeting up with friends or just relaxing at the weekend, these t-shirts add a touch of contemporary flair to any occasion. They bring together the best of both worlds: casual and cool. The t-shirts are effortless and comfortable, making them perfect for everyday activities, but they also have that extra touch of style that takes your outfit to the next level.

Regular-fit perfection: Comfort with style

The fit of a t-shirt is essential for ultimate comfort. Our trendy t-shirts are designed with a regular-fit fit, so they adjust to your body without being too tight or too loose. This means you not only look stylish, but also feel comfortable throughout the day. While Nº106 knows that style is important, comfort also comes first. The regular-fit fit that ensures plenty of freedom of movement without compromising on style. Made from soft cotton, they offer a comfortable feel even during long days. Go for an oversized silhouette. A t-shirt that is a little looser fits the old hippie style perfectly and gives a casual, relaxed look.Complete your style by pairing your t-shirt with accessories such as large bracelets, waistcoat and jeans with white trainers.

Fair Wear Cotton: Ethics and style go hand in hand

At No106, we value ethical fashion. Our trendy t-shirts for men are made from fair wear cotton, so not only do you look good, but you also know you are contributing to a fair and sustainable fashion industry. Choose style with a conscience.
Fair Wear cotton refers to cotton produced according to the principles of fair trade and social responsibility throughout the supply chain. These principles aim to ensure decent working conditions, fair wages and environmentally friendly practices in cotton production.
The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to improving working conditions in the garment industry worldwide. When a garment bears the Fair Wear label, it means that the brand and producer have committed to the FWF's ethical standards.
In the case of Fair Wear cotton, this means that cotton farmers receive a fair wage for their labour, have safe working conditions and are not exposed to harmful chemicals often used in conventional cotton farming. In addition, Fair Wear cotton production pays attention to minimising environmental impact, such as reducing water use and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Kleine oplage, grootse stijl: Uniek en Exclusief

One of the most striking features of our No106 collection is the fact that we strive for exclusivity. Our trendy t-shirts are produced in small editions, which means you have a unique piece of clothing that not everyone will own. This makes every purchase at No106 special and distinctive. Exclusivity adds an extra layer of hipness, meaning you are less likely to come across someone else wearing the same shirt. This makes wearing it extra special.

One of a kind: Your personal stamp

Some of our trendy t-shirts are truly one of a kind. These unique pieces are like works of art that you can wear. With exclusive prints and designs, these t-shirts give you the chance to put a personal stamp on your style, which makes wearing them extra special. The unique details what the one of kind t shirt is all about is special. The trendy t-shirts from the designer t shirts collection can feature unique details such as contrasting areas of paint, special textures, embroideries, fabric application or other eye-catching features that give the shirt an individual look.

Colourful and eye-catching: A visual party at the festival

No106 loves colour and eye-catching designs. Our hip t-shirts for men are a visual feast of colourful and eye-catching design. Whether you opt for bold patterns, vibrant colours or subtle accents, each t-shirt is an eye-catching work of art that will take your style to new heights at a festival.

In Arnhem, the city of creativity and art, No106 is the destination for men looking for hip t-shirts with a story. Every t-shirt in our collection is thoughtfully designed, with attention to detail and a commitment to distinctive style.