Sustainable t-shirts No106

Sustainable Style: Earth Positive T-shirts at No106

At No106, we not only have a passion for stylish t-shirts, but also a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. Our Earth Positive sustainable t-shirts, both designer t-shirts and graphic variants, embody this commitment and take conscious fashion to the next level.


Earth Positive: Sustainability in the Genes

Behind our Earth Positive T-shirts is the award-winning company Continental Clothing, a leading name in sustainable fashion. The foundation of this company rests on producing fair and eco-friendly products, PETA-approved vegan and with a focus on ensuring fair working conditions in collaboration with FWF (Fair Wear Foundation).

GOTS-certified Organic Cotton

What really sets our Earth Positive T-shirts apart is the use of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. This is not only a guarantee of the highest quality, but also a statement for avoiding harmful farming practices and promoting a healthy ecosystem.

Eco-friendly Dyeing and Certifications

The dyeing process of our clothes is as green as the material itself. We use dyes approved by GOTS and certified to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which not only guarantees the colour integrity of our T-shirts but also ensures that no harmful chemicals burden the environment or your skin.

Reducing CO2 Footprint

At Earth Positive, we take our commitment to the planet one step further. We actively work to reduce our carbon footprint. An Earth Positive T-shirt at No106 saves up to 7 kilograms of CO2 compared to a standard produced shirt, and a sweatshirt as much as 28 kilograms! We proudly carry the Climate Neutral label, and we aim to continuously increase these savings.

No106: Design with a Purpose

At No106, we are proud to craft Earth Positive t-shirts using various techniques and transform them into true designer garments. Whether it's our designer t-shirts with unique one-of-a-kind Art & Flair or our 25-piece print run graphic t shirts that make a statement, each piece carries not only our signature but also the ethos of sustainability in style.
In every Earth Positive T-shirt you wear, you contribute to a better world. Choose consciously, choose sustainably, and choose designer style with a purpose. Explore our collection online or in-store at Modekwartier Arnhem and become part of the movement that unites fashion and sustainability. No106, where style meets responsibility.