Unique t shirts

Unique t-shirts in small edition

Unique t-shirts and all handmade in Arnhem in small editions.So for a special item you are at the right place, the designers shirt are One of a kind. The graphic t-shirts an edition of up to 25 pieces and the handmade t-shirts in the studio of CLAU-D an edition of 10 pieces.


Nº106 specialises in unique t shirts

Do you like fashion, art and originality? Then you should definitely take a look at N0106's website with unique t-shirts, a webshop specialising in unique t-shirts all handcrafted in Arnhem in small editions. Nº106 is an initiative of CLAU-D and Menlook, a fashion designer and artist who combine their passion for textiles, colour, design and art in the creations. Clau-d and Menlook sometimes collaborate with other artists and designers to create a collection of unique t shirts for men and women that you won't find anywhere else.

Nº106 by Clau-d and Menlook has three types of shirts in its range: designer t-shirts, graphic t-shirts and handmade t-shirts. The designer t-shirts are one of a kind, meaning there is only one copy of them. These shirts are made of high-quality fabrics and have a unique design inspired by Vincent Welten's artworks and Claudia Träumer's fashion design. These have been worked with fabric, textile paint, printing and various needle and stitching techniques in the atelier at Sondbeeksingel 106 in the Modekwartier Arnhem. With these one of a kind t shirts you show your personal flair, creativity and individuality. And your exclusivity is guaranteed. Once again, the shirts emphasise the importance of individuality in a world of mass consumption.
The graphic t shirts have an edition of up to 25 pieces and are printed with original prints that range from abstract to funny texts, from minimalist to expressive. The graphic print on the shirt is a real eye-catcher and will undoubtedly attract attention wherever you go. Be prepared for many compliments and conversation, because with this shirt from Nº106 you will steal the show at a festival.
The handmade t shirts with print have an edition of 10. These shirts all have a special and striking print and look that will give your outfit an extra dimension. A print from retro designs to vibrant fruits, musical instruments and colourful paint splashes print.
12 metres of durable quality fabric will be procured, out of which a maximum of 10 t shirts will be made for women and men. Be one of the few to own these special t shirts and add a touch of exclusivity to your wardrobe.

Unique and durable

Nº106's shirts are not only unique, but also sustainable. They are made from Earth Positive Oeko cotton, a fabric that is soft, comfortable and eco-friendly. They are made and crafted in Arnhem, a city known for being creative and innovative. The shirts are also affordable, as you pay no more than 89 euros for a one of a kind shirt. A t shirt that you won't find anywhere else and is handcrafted or made by hand.
The unisex shirts are suitable for anyone who loves sustainable fashion, art and originality. You can wear them for any occasion, from casual to chic, from work to leisure. You can combine them with different styles, from jeans to skirt, from jacket to cardigan. You can also give them as a gift to someone you want to surprise with a special item.
The t shirts are a way to show yourself and stand out from the crowd.

So, if you are looking for a t shirt that goes beyond the norm of everyone and the masses, we invite you to visit our webshop. Explore the unique collection of hand-crafted shirts and be inspired by the stories they tell. At Nº106, we find no pleasure in the mundane; we embrace the extraordinary and celebrate the power of individuality. Visit our website and discover the unique t shirt that tells your story.